India’s current inability for dialogue is a dishonour to our legacy of discourse

There is shouting and there is silence. There are threats and there is reluctant acquiescence. There are bloodshot eyes and there is avertment of this look by the other.There are assaults and there is a retreat. There is cacophony and there is a helplessness in not finding a meaningful word. Continue reading


Foisting the flag

 The governments of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh have belittled the Troclour and  Independence Day by directing   Madarsas to hoist the national flag and take out Tiranga rallies on 15 August. They have also been asked by the government of the Uttar Pradesh to videotape it and submit it as proof. It should at least embarrass if not shame all right thinking Indians. But this is an impossible expectation from a people who are  high on nationalism.  Continue reading