Rethinking University: A Talk

 University Debating and Literary Club, Cultural Education Centre, AMU organised a lecture  on the topic “Rethinking University” in the Cultural Hall, Maulana Azad Library yesterday. Around 100 people attended the lecture.

Wajahat Jilani, the secretary of the Club, hosted the event; the introduction was given by Professor Mohibul Haque and the lecture was presided over by Professor Asmar Beg.

Apoorvanand spoke on the significance of internal discourse in universities. According to him what matters the most is not what goes on in the classes but the discourse held outside the classes, in the open, “Perhon ke neechay, in coffee houses, at dhabas” this is where the real conversations and interactions happen. He also spoke on the 2013 issue of FTII and the Gajendra Chauhan controversy. The point he emphasized the most was that of excellence, and how the students and faculty of the universities should strive for it. They should “implement the principle of excellence” and went on to say “if you want to kill a university make mediocrity the ruling principle”. The lecture was followed by Q & A session.



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